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Climate change: observations and impacts

Paleoclimatic reconstructions in Antarctica and in the Mediterranean

Paleoclimatic reconstructions in Antarctica 

Polar ice sheets represent precious natural archives of global environmental and climate history. Their study provides significant and detailed information on past climate and atmosphere changes, on forcing factors and feedback processes. Ice core records help scientists understand the context of present changes and predict future trends. ENEA participates in major international research projects on ice coring in Antarctica.

Climate change in the polar regions and in the Mediterranean

Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory The Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory is composed by two projects funded by the Italian National Programme of Antarctic Research (PNRA, PNRA14_00019 at MZS and Victoria Land, PNRA14_00100 at Concordia) and managed by staff of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA).