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Division protection and enhancement of the territory and natural capital

“Natural capital” plays a key role in development, as it provides resources and services, defines the ecological limits of socio-economic systems and at the same time mitigates the impacts/effects of human activities. In this context, the Division operates through the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Laboratory and the Observations and Measurements for Environment and Climate Laboratory.

Strategic areas:

• development of methodologies and technologies for environmental characterisation, pro- tection and remediation of terrestrial, river, marine and transitional environments;

  • definition of the cognitive and strategic framework for the development and protection of ecosystems and natural resources, for the reduction of vulnerability, mitigation of effects and adaptation to change; 

  • implementation of studies and experiments to predict and assess the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and their resilience; 

  • support to public administrations for the definition of national regulations and the applica- tion/reception of European directives, for the development of strategies for environmental management; 

  • participation in international networks for the building of infrastructure and services for the environment; 

  • collaboration with enterprises for the development of prototypes and innovative tools for environmental observation, protection and remediation; 

  • development of biotechnologies for cultural heritage and bioremediation of contaminated environments. 

Head Scientist: