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Overview of Radon Flux Characteristics, Measurements, Models and Its Potential Use for the Estimation of Radon Priority Areas

TitoloOverview of Radon Flux Characteristics, Measurements, Models and Its Potential Use for the Estimation of Radon Priority Areas
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2022
AutoriČeliković, Igor, Pantelić Gordana, Vukanac Ivana, Nikolić Jelena Krneta, Živanović Miloš, Cinelli Giorgia, Gruber Valeria, Baumann Sebastian, Ciotoli Giancarlo, Poncela Luis Santiago Q., and Rábago Daniel
Type of ArticleReview
Parole chiaveCharacteristic measurements, Flux characteristics, Flux measurements, indoor radon, Indoor radon concentrations, Literature reviews, Measurement model, Radon flux, Radon priority area, Traceradon

Radon flux measurements provide information about how much radon rises from the ground toward the atmosphere, thus, they could serve as good predictors of indoor radon concentrations. Although there are many different mapping methods with many different input data, radon flux data are generally missing and are not included for the delineation of radon priority areas (RPA). The aim of this literature review is to investigate to what extent radon flux was used, or could be used, for the delineation of RPAs. Numerous factors influencing radon flux were identified, but quantifying their contribution to radon flux measurement still remains a challenge. Different methods and measuring devices were used for the determination of radon flux, thus it is necessary to identify possible inconsistencies in order to harmonise different radon flux measurements. Due to the complexity of radon flux measurements, only two countries were identified to have performed national surveys on outdoor radon, which were of much smaller scale compared to those on indoor radon. A positive correlation between radon flux and radon quantities, such as radon in soil gas and indoor radon, indicates that radon flux could be used as an input parameter for the estimation of RPA. By reviewing radon flux models, it was concluded that up-to-date modelled radon flux maps have reached excellent spatial resolution and will be further improved, hence, they could serve as an input for the estimation and delineation of RPA. © 2022 by the authors.


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Citation KeyČeliković2022