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Assessment of the applicability of a "toolbox" designed for microbially assisted phytoremediation: The case study at Ingurtosu mining site (Italy), Sprocati, A.R., Alisi Chiara, Pinto V., Montereali Maria Rita, Marconi P., Tasso Flavia, Turnau K., De Giudici G., Goralska K., Bevilacqua M., et al. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 21, Number 11, p.6939-6951, (2014)
Bioprospecting at former mining sites across Europe: Microbial and functional diversity in soils, Sprocati, A.R., Alisi Chiara, Tasso Flavia, Fiore Alessia, Marconi P., Langella F., Haferburg G., Nicoara A., Neagoe A., and Kothe E. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 21, Number 11, p.6824-6835, (2014)
“Biotechnology process for the removal of cohesive deposits of organic and inorganic origin from materials and works of historical and artistic interest”, Sprocati, Anna Rosa, Alisi Chiara, and Tasso Flavia , Number RM2013A000519, (2014)
Laponite micro-packs for the selective cleaning of multiple coherent deposits on wall paintings: The case study of Casina Farnese on the Palatine Hill (Rome-Italy), Mazzoni, M., Alisi Chiara, Tasso Flavia, Cecchini A., Marconi P., and Sprocati A.R. , International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation, Volume 94, p.1-11, (2014)
A new biogenic, struvite-related phosphate, the ammonium-analog of hazenite, (NH4)NaMg2(PO4)2·14H2O Yang Hexiong, Yang, H., Martinelli L., Tasso Flavia, Sprocati A.R., Pinzari F., Liu Z., Downs R.T., and Sun H.J. , American Mineralogist, Volume 99, Number 8-9, p.1761-1766, (2014)