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Ambient PM2.5 and O3 pollution and health impacts in Iranian megacity, Rashidi, R., Khaniabadi Y.O., Sicard P., De Marco Alessandra, and Anbari K. , Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, Volume 37, Number 1, p.175-184, (2022)
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Analysis of hybrid yarns properties for good-quality recycled carbon fibre-reinforced plastic composites, Colombo, B., Gaiardelli P., Dotti S., and Caretto Flavio , Proceedings of the Summer School Francesco Turco, (2022)
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Applications of advanced oxidative processes for the recovery of water from bilge water, Fontana, Danilo, Cardenia C., Pietrantonio Massimiliana, Pucciarmati Stefano, and Forte Federica , International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, (2022)
Aqueous aluminium titanate paste for the liquid deposition modelling, Bezzi, Federica, Fabbri Paride, Magnani G., Salernitano E., Scafè Matteo, and Strafella A. , Open Ceramics, Volume 9, (2022)
Assessment of Air Quality and Meteorological Changes Induced by Future Vegetation in Madrid, de la Paz, David, de Andrés Juan Manuel, Narros Adolfo, Silibello Camillo, Finardi Sandro, Fares Silvano, Tejero Luis, Borge Rafael, and Mircea Mihaela , Forests, Volume 13, p.690, (2022)
The assessment of local geological factors for the construction of a Geogenic Radon Potential map using regression kriging. A case study from the Euganean Hills volcanic district (Italy), Coletti, C., Ciotoli G., Benà E., Brattich E., Cinelli Giorgia, Galgaro A., Massironi M., Mazzoli C., Mostacci D., Morozzi P., et al. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 808, (2022)
Assessment of measurement accuracy in 210Pb dating sediment methods, Schirone, Antonio, Rozmaric M., Barsanti Mattia, Raiteri G., Sanchez-Cabeza J.A., Garcia-Tenorio R., and Osvath I. , Quaternary Geochronology, Volume 69, (2022)
Assessment of the effectiveness of a novel BioFilm-Membrane BioReactor oil-polluted wastewater treatment technology by applying biomarkers in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis, Caliani, I., De Marco G., Cappello T., Giannetto A., Mancini G., Ancora S., Maisano M., Parrino V., Cappello S., Bianchi N., et al. , Aquatic Toxicology, Volume 243, (2022)
Assessment of the Performance of a Low-Cost Air Quality Monitor in an Indoor Environment through Different Calibration Models, Suriano, Domenico, and Penza Michele , Atmosphere, Volume 13, Number 4, (2022)
Atlas of phenotypic, genotypic and geographical diversity present in the European traditional tomato, Pons, Clara, Casals Joan, Palombieri Samuela, Fontanet Lilian, Riccini Alessandro, Rambla Jose Luis, Ruggiero Alessandra, Figás Mariadel Rosario, Plazas Mariola, Koukounaras Athanasios, et al. , Horticulture Research, May-01-2022, Volume 9, (2022)
Autonomous cultivation system for nano platforms: the GreenCube mission, Marzioli, Paolo, Boscia Michela, Kumar Sidhant, Moretti Alessandro, Frezza Lorenzo, Amadio Diego, Gugliermetti Luca, Nardi Luca, Pannico Antonio, Benvenuto Eugenio, et al. , Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC, Volume 2022-September, (2022)
Background Level of Unstable Chromosome Aberrations in the Kazakhstan Population: A Human Biomonitoring Study, Kenzhina, L.B., Mamyrbayeva A.N., Lukashenko S.N., Baigazinov Z.A., Biyakhmetova D.B., Panitskiy A.V., Polivkina E., Zhamaldinov F.F., Patrono Clarice, Palma Valentina, et al. , International journal of environmental research and public health, Volume 19, Number 14, (2022)
Bioaccumulation of antibiotics and resistance genes in lettuce following cattle manure and digestate fertilization and their effects on soil and phyllosphere microbial communities, Caracciolo, Anna Barra, Visca Andrea, Rauseo Jasmin, Spataro Francesca, Garbini Gian Luigi, Grenni Paola, Mariani Livia, Miritana Valentina Mazzurco, Massini Giulia, and Patrolecco Luisa , Environmental Pollution, Volume 315, p.120413, (2022)
Biodeterioration Assessment of a Unique Old Pharaonic Kingdom Wooden Statue Using Advanced Diagnostic Techniques, Atwa, Dina M., Ibrahim Shimaa, Stani Chiaramaria, Birarda Giovanni, Ali Nehal, Abdullah Emam, Vaccari Lisa, Grenni Paola, Visca Andrea, Badr Yehia, et al. , Applied Sciences, Jan-07-2022, Volume 12, Issue 14, p.7020, (2022)
Biodiversity Monitoring in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas: Scientific and Methodological Challenges, Bianchi, Carlo Nike, Azzola Annalisa, Cocito Silvia, Morri Carla, Oprandi Alice, Peirano Andrea, Sgorbini Sergio, and Montefalcone Monica , Diversity, Jan-01-2022, Volume 14, Issue 1, p.43, (2022)
Biosynthesis of Chlorophyll and Other Isoprenoids in the Plastid of Red Grape Berry Skins, Teixeira, A., Noronha H., Frusciante Sarah, Diretto Gianfranco, and Geros H. , Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Volume 71, Number 4, p.1873-1885, (2022)
Biotecnologie per la resistenza ai patogeni, Lanubile, A, Sarrocco S, Tavazza Mario, and Ilardi V , Patologia Vegetale Molecolare, p.568–590, (2022)
Bisphenols A and its analogues induce genotoxic damage in marine and freshwater amphipods, Cosentino, Serena, Aureli Federica, and Iannilli Valentina , 2022/04/01/, Volume 7, p.100183, (2022)
Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens L.) as a high-potential agent for bioconversion of municipal primary sewage sludge, Arnone, S., De Mei M., Petrazzuolo F., Musmeci S., Tonelli L., Salvicchi A., Defilippo F., Curatolo M., and Bonilauri P. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (2022)
The C4 protein of tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus primes drought tolerance in tomato through morphological adjustments , Pagliarani, Chiara, Moine Amedeo, Chitarra Walter, Nerva Luca, Catoni Marco, Tavazza Raffaela, Matić Slavica, Vallino Marta, Secchi Francesca, and Noris Emanuela , Horticulture Research, Mar-07-2024, Volume 9, (2022)
Cardo coltivato denominato Mater Cyn 01 , Bastioli, Catia, Capuzzi Luigi, Ciancolini Anna, Crinò Paola Patrizia M., and Tolaini Valentina , 07/03/2022, Number 20182422, (2022)