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Factors controlling atmospheric DMS and its oxidation products (MSA and nssSO4 2-) in the aerosol at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica, Becagli, Silvia, Barbaro Elena, Bonamano Simone, Caiazzo Laura, Di Sarra Alcide, Feltracco Matteo, Grigioni P., Heintzenberg Jost, Lazzara Luigi, Legrand Michel, et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Jul-18-2022, Volume 22, Issue 14, Number 14, p.9245 - 9263, (2022)
The integrated Marine Hazard webGIS platform for management of open and coastal ocean in Sicily, Pollino, Maurizio, La Porta L., Crosara A., De Rosa Luigi, Di Iorio Tatiana, Iaccarino A., Meloni Daniela, Pecci M., Aronica S., Fontana I., et al. , 2022 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea; Learning to Measure Sea Health Parameters, MetroSea 2022 - Proceedings, Milazzo, Italy, p.180-184, (2022)
An Integrated Web-Based GIS Platform for the Environmental Monitoring of Industrial Emissions: Preliminary Results of the Project, Giglione, G., Annibaldi A., Iaccarino Antonio, Capancioni R., Borghini G., Ciabattoni F., Illuminati S., Pace G., Memmola F., and Giantomassi G. , Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Volume 12, Number 7, (2022)
On the Radiative Impact of Biomass-Burning Aerosols in the Arctic: The August 2017 Case Study, Quaglia, Filippo Calì, Meloni Daniela, Muscari Giovanni, Di Iorio Tatiana, Ciardini Virginia, Pace G., Becagli Silvia, Di Bernardino Annalisa, Cacciani Marco, Hannigan James W., et al. , Remote Sensing, Jan-01-2022, Volume 14, Issue 2, Number 2, p.313, (2022)
Constraining the ship contribution to the aerosol of the central Mediterranean, Becagli, S., Anello F., Bommarito C., Cassola F., Calzolai G., Di Iorio Tatiana, Di Sarra Alcide, Gómez-Amo J.-L., Lucarelli F., Marconi M., et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 17, Number 3, p.2067-2084, (2017)
Determination of Photosynthetically Active Radiation from multi-filter rotating shadowband measurements: Method and validation based on observations at Lampedusa (35.5°N, 12.6°E), Trisolino, P., Di Sarra Alcide, Meloni Daniela, Pace G., Anello F., Becagli S., Monteleone Francesco, and Sferlazzo Damiano Massimo , AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1810, (2017)
Determination of stratospheric temperature and density by GOMOS: Verification with respect to high latitude LIDAR profiles from Thule, Greenland, Di Sarra, Alcide, Iannone R.Q., Casadio S., Di Biagio C., Pace G., Cacciani M., Muscari G., Dehn A., and Bojkov B. , AIP Conference Proceedings, (2017)
The impact of Mount Etna sulfur emissions on the atmospheric composition and aerosol properties in the central Mediterranean: A statistical analysis over the period 2000–2013 based on observations and Lagrangian modelling, Sellitto, P., Zanetel C., Di Sarra Alcide, Salerno G., Tapparo A., Meloni Daniela, Pace G., Caltabiano T., Briole P., and Legras B. , Atmospheric Environment, Volume 148, p.77-88, (2017)
M-TraCE: a new tool for high-resolution computation and statistical elaboration of backward trajectories on the Italian domain, Vitali, Lina, Righini Gaia, Piersanti Antonio, Cremona G., Pace G., and Ciancarella Luisella , Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Jan-12-2017, Volume 129, Issue 6, Number 6, p.1-15, (2017)
Assimilation of humidity and temperature observations retrieved from ground-based microwave radiometers into a convective-scale NWP model, Caumont, O., Cimini D., Löhnert U., Alados-Arboledas L., Bleisch R., Buffa F., Ferrario M.E., Haefele A., Huet T., Madonna F., et al. , Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Volume 142, Number 700, p.2692-2704, (2016)
Determination of global and diffuse photosynthetically active radiation from a multifilter shadowband radiometer, Trisolino, P., Di Sarra Alcide, Meloni Daniela, and Pace G. , Applied Optics, Volume 55, Number 29, p.8280-8286, (2016)
Global and Mediterranean climate change: A short summary, Ciardini, Virginia, Contessa G.M., Falsaperla R., Gómez-Amo J.L., Meloni Daniela, Monteleone Francesco, Pace G., Piacentino Salvatore, Sferlazzo Damiano Massimo, and Di Sarra Alcide , Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Volume 52, Number 3, p.325-337, (2016)
Impact of grid resolution on aerosol predictions: A case study over Italy, Mircea, Mihaela, Grigoras G., D'Isidoro Massimo, Righini Gaia, Adani M., Briganti Gino, Ciancarella Luisella, Cappelletti Andrea, Calori G., Cionni Irene, et al. , Aerosol and Air Quality Research, MAY, Volume 16, Number 5, p.1253-1267, (2016)
Relationships linking primary production, sea ice melting, and biogenic aerosol in the Arctic, Becagli, S., Lazzara L., Marchese C., Dayan U., Ascanius S.E., Cacciani M., Caiazzo Laura, Di Biagio C., Di Iorio Tatiana, Di Sarra Alcide, et al. , Atmospheric Environment, Volume 136, p.1-15, (2016)
Altitude-resolved shortwave and longwave radiative effects of desert dust in the Mediterranean during the GAMARF campaign: Indications of a net daily cooling in the dust layer, Meloni, Daniela, Junkermann W., Di Sarra Alcide, Cacciani M., De Silvestri L., Di Iorio Tatiana, Estellés V., Gómez-Amo J.L., Pace G., and Sferlazzo Damiano Massimo , Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, Volume 120, Number 8, p.3386-3407, (2015)
Characterization of PM10 sources in the central Mediterranean, Calzolai, G., Nava S., Lucarelli F., Chiari M., Giannoni M., Becagli S., Traversi R., Marconi M., Frosini D., Severi M., et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 15, Number 24, p.13939-13955, (2015)
On the complexity of the boundary layer structure and aerosol vertical distribution in the coastal Mediterranean regions: A case study, Pace, G., Junkermann W., Vitali Lina, Sarra A.D., Meloni Daniela, Cacciani M., Cremona G., Iannarelli A.M., and Zanini Gabriele , Tellus, Series B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology, Volume 6, Number 1, (2015)
Empirical correction of multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer (MFRSR) aerosol optical depths for the aerosol forward scattering and development of a long-term integrated MFRSR-Cimel dataset at Lampedusa, Di Sarra, Alcide, Sferlazzo Damiano Massimo, Meloni Daniela, Anello F., Bommarito C., Corradini S., De Silvestri L., Di Iorio Tatiana, Monteleone Francesco, Pace G., et al. , Applied Optics, Volume 54, Number 10, p.2725-2737, (2015)
Spectral attenuation of global and diffuse UV irradiance and actinic flux by clouds, Mateos, D., Di Sarra Alcide, Bilbao J., Meloni Daniela, Pace G., De Miguel A., and Casasanta G. , Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Volume 141, Number 686, p.109-113, (2015)